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Exceptional All-Day Seminars

What Difference Does It Make? - Regulation Master ClassGet To The Point - Voicing Master Class

The Road Warrior - Extreme In Home ServicePolyester Finish - Service and Repair
Special Guest Instructors
John Cavanaugh, RPT - Oberlin College - Cleveland, OH
Executive Director of Keyboard Technology & Piano Technology Artist Program
Arlan Harris, RPT - Arlan Harris Piano Atelier - New York City
Eric Johnson, RPT - Eric Johnson Pianos - Connecticut
Keena Keel, RPT - Author and Technician - New Hampshire
Piano, How Are You!: A Guide to Understand, Evaluate & Maintain Your Piano
Eric Schandall, RPT - Piano Service - Oslo, Norway
Introding ... Steinway & Sons Sprio
Steinway Spirio   Don’t miss this exclusive look at Steinway & Sons first NEW product in over 70 years! It is the inaugural introduction of the SPIRIO to the piano technician community. The new Steinway & Sons SPIRIO is a high-resolution player piano that provides a musical experience indistinguishable from a live performance.
Premier Instructors
Norbert Abel  •  David Andersen  •  Melanie Brooks
Chris Brown, RPT  •  Mike Carraher, RPT  •  Gregory Cheng, RPT
Allan Day, RPT  •  Mario Igrec  •  Scott Jones, RPT
Boaz Kirschenbaum, RPT • Don Mannino, RPT • Randy Potter, RPT
Jude Reveley, RPT  •  Kent Webb ... and more!